Michigan Association of Municipal Cemeteries

About Us

Municipal Cemetery Managers and Staff:

Hello! from the Michigan Association of Municipal Cemeteries! Our group is run by a Board of nine members, all working with public cemeteries at various levels: sextons, clerks, office managers, directors, parks staff and public services staff, part-time and full-time…with a shared priority and vision for public cemeteries. Our statement of purpose: To promote the improvement of Municipal Cemeteries, their management, operation, and perpetuation; to collect and disseminate practical and scientific information and data of an educational nature relevant to the operation, maintenance and improvement of Municipal Cemeteries; and to develop and maintain the best possible relations between the cemeteries, the public and the allied industries…

We strive to fulfill this mission by providing a yearly conference to our members where you hear different speakers presenting on various aspects of municipal cemeteries. Topics may include: turf management, cemetery software, monument cleaning, new development ideas, historical interests/value, and understanding state requirements and your own ordinances. If you don’t hear what you need from a speaker, then ask someone during an intermission. We make ‘time together’ a priority so you can learn from those around you as well.

MAMC Past Presidents

Frank Siplon      1960-1961
Jake DeGraff      1961-1963
Art Carls         1963-1965
Ken Anthony       1965-1966
Ed Carroll        1966-1968
Ray Skuta         1968-1969
Buck Williams     1969-1971
John Batzloff     1971-1973
Bernie Rapin      1973-1974
John Batzloff     1974-1975
Buck Williams     1975-1976
George Schipper   1976-1978
Ed Motchek        1978-1979
Vern Lydens       1979-1981
Roy Dost          1981-1983
Tim Vogel         1983-1984
Bill Vorhees      1984-1985
Lillian Miner     1985-1987
John Toth         1987-1989
Susan Rieske      1989-1991
Tom Beaudry       1991-1992
Don Vanenburg     1992-1994   City of Niles
Richard Griffin   1994-1996
Ron Walker        1996-1998   Plainfield Charter Township
Tony Benhart      1998-1999   City of Benton Harbor
Steve Adams       1999-2000   City of Adrian
George Siverston  2000-2001   Metamore Township
Robert Taylor     2001-2003   City of Holland
Ron Carr          2003-2004   City of Grandville
Wayne Spletzer    2004-2005   Oronoko Charter Township
Tom Richardson    2005-2006   City of Howell
George Sivertson  2006-2007   Metamora Township
Brian Dawson      2007-2008   City of Montague
Al Dumond         2008-2012   City of Cadillac
Mary Ann Frazier  2012-2013   City of South Haven
Ron Carr          2013-2015   City of Grandville
Mary Ann Frazier  2015-2016   City of South Haven
Suzanne Rowland   2016-2019   City of Kalamazoo
Stacy Loar-Porter 2019-2022   Lincoln Charter Township
Kirk Caithamer    2022-2023   City of Ludington